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April 14, 2011 / AM Collins


I have spent the last several years experiencing life from behind glass.

In the Marines, I had optics for aiming, night vision, and surveillance; I would aim in and shoot.  Now that I’m a film student, I am once again looking through scopes and lenses.  I still aim and shoot, but now I do it to create art.


I grew up in Sacramento. Bored and ready to escape, I joined the Marine Corps with dreams of seeing great places. However, I ended up in Twentynine Palms, CA. If you haven’t been there — something of which to be proud — it’s the armpit of California. I spent the next four years traveling between the deserts of Southern California and the deserts of Iraq.

During these deployments, I watched a lot of film, particularly a lot of BAD film. I desperately wanted to make better films. After four years, as I got out of the Marines, I decided that I wanted to study film seriously and make it my career.

That’s pretty much where this blog starts. A chronicle of my journey and creative process making films.



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