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April 15, 2011 / AM Collins


I think I overbooked myself.

A good bearded friend of mine, and incredible cinematographer, named Nico van den Berg is working on his senior thesis film titled My Sweet Clementine.  Today is a brief pre-production meeting.
Afterwards, Nico and I are heading towards the Richmond district of SF to shoot another film: Modernize, a documentary by Carl Sturgess.  It’s an interview with a local bay area contractor.

The plan is to have a three camera setup, two Canon 7D’s and my 5DmkII.  It’s in a large beautiful office space, rich with local art, so the 5D will be getting a wide shot of the office to help further describe the subject.  The shoot should only last a couple of hours.  We’ll light, shoot, breakdown and part ways, cause we are all busy people.  Immediately afterwards I’m rushing back to school to get to class.  Here’s hoping I make it out in time.


*UPDATE: I was late to class.  But it turned out okay.  They were watching a film.


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