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May 1, 2011 / AM Collins

Nico of the Mountain.


We are slowly wrapping day three of the “My Sweet Clementine” shoot. We don’t have any WiFi here, so our attention has been focused on the film.

As 1st Assistant Director, getting the crew and set finished on time has been a little difficult, but everyone here works just has hard as they play. I love this crew and we are all very used to working together, so we are sharing nothing but laughs between takes.

Nico has picked an amazingly beautiful location here at Angles Camp, and Matthew Rome (the director of photography) is doing an incredible job shooting this film. We are shooting with two Canon 7Ds and one 5D mkII, with four other 7Ds taking stills and behind the scenes video interviews live on set. This crew is using some of the biggest and best accessories in order to produce a beautiful looking image. Rome, the DP, has rented some super-fast cinema prime lenses: the CP2 from Zeiss. Our second camera operator is Carl Sturgess. Sturgess and Rome have a long running professional background together, and their ability to shoot what’s on van den Berg’s mind has been remarkable.

The main actor, John S. Boles, is brilliant on screen at relaying the emotions of Pim. We have had him running up and down mountains, standing in the cold rain, and digging holes around the farm. He has been more than cooperative over the last couple days, and it’s making the shoot run super smoothly.

Overall, with his first time wearing the directing shoes, Nico is doing a great job. He has been on set with a camera glued into his hand for so long, he was hesitant to work with people over the gear he knows so well. But Nico is doing way better than he could have imagined.

Only one more day of shooting left before the team shuffles down the mountain and heads back into the city. And we are one giant scene away from wrapping this project.





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