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May 4, 2011 / AM Collins

Cabin Fever.

The last day of My Sweet Clementine drained the last bit of collective energy the group had left, but we killed it.  We wrapped a bit early, and spent the second half of our time doing interviews with the cast and crew.  Nico will be posting some behind the scenes special features soon enough, which will be your first sneak peek of the film.  As our attention spans started to dwindle, we began to go a little crazy.  At one point, between takes, a spontaneous slate-inspired musical number began that lasted a good ten minutes.  I over dosed on allergy pills a few minutes later, but not before catching the event on video.

Anyway, as soon as the last shot was cut,we immediately started ripping apart camera gear and lights and packing up the u-haul.  And after our epic four days of shooting we are back in San Francisco once again.  Rest wasn’t in the cards for me, I had to pick up a truck from San Quentin and move out of my room in the SOMA and into my new place in the Castro.  I ended up finishing somewhere around 4am, and I still had homework to complete that got pushed to Monday.  Typical student life, I suppose.

All in all, it was a busy week.  I had to cut the Chinatown footage for Jaena’s picture lock deadline, and with my computer sitting in pieces around my room, it wasn’t going to happen.  I ended up putting the finishing touches on the cut with my laptop, and exporting it on the computers at school.  I got to watch the film in its entirety, with the new music the whole film has really come together.  I was really blown away by Dominic’s editing, it is shaping up really well.  I can’t wait for the showing at the end of this quarter.  It will be at the Viz Cinema in Japantown, but the date isn’t set yet.

Speaking of films that look great, I really want to see Last Night, the directorial debut of Massy Tadjedin.  The trailer was on the Apple trailers site and (this is a secret, so don’t tell anyone) being a hopeless romantic, I was eager to watch.  Lucky for me, I found an interview with the director to hold me over till then.  The gist of the film is this: A couple, both seperated for a couple of days, go on short trips with different romantic interests from their pasts.  The suspense is that you aren’t sure who cheated, if anyone, during the events of both of their nights.  The film looks amazing, check out the trailer.



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