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June 6, 2011 / AM Collins

Sleep Over.

We just wrapped shooting The Travelers, and it went great.  I couldn’t have been more impressed by the efforts of my crew.  We started shooting at 6pm on Saturday afternoon, and didn’t wrap until 5am Sunday.  There were no complaints from the crew, and everyone kicked ass the whole night.  YOU GUYS ROCKED!

I will be starting post-production tonight, since this project was shot for class I will have a rough cut for Thursday.  However, I plan on taking some more time after the quarter finishes to work on the post-production sound.  Teralyn Shields and Matthew Grubisich (pictured above) did terrific jobs as our two lead roles.  Together with Joseph Sams, the production designer, we tried to use color to influence the storytelling.  We used bright saturated reds and blues to show the emotional  infatuation between the characters.  My Director of Photography, Larry Cook, was incredible pulling the image from my brain and putting it on-screen.  We had spoken extensively about the images we were going to create, so I had complete faith that we were going to be on the same page.  One of the issues worrying us about the shoot was the location.  This is because we had seen several different rooms and we had no idea what the final room would look like.  Larry and I both assessed the room and came up with a game plan based on the location we had.  Luckily, the layout of the bedroom in the hotel panned perfectly with what I had written, and was very similar to a room we had seen earlier.  This was my first directing experience on a project that I had written, my previous directorial efforts have been more commercial.  I think things went pretty well, granted they started off a little rough in the beginning.  All in all, I am pleased with the outcome of the shoot.  And I am excited to start cutting this beautiful footage.


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