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July 20, 2011 / AM Collins

Keeping Busy.

School has started once again.  I am quickly jumping back into a busy shooting schedule, and getting some really great footage.  Over the weekend, I worked as a camera operator on the short sci-fi film: EmVerse.  Nico van den Berg was standing in as the Director of Photography, in place of Joshua Watts.  This will be the third film I’ve worked on with actress Teralyn Shields.  During this particular shoot, she got her hands dirty, smashing faces with a giant stick.

The next day, I worked with fellow filmmakers: Nico van den Berg, Donnie McCormick, Dakota Nicolucci, Carl Sturgess, Jaena Sta. Ana, and Jaime Richard in the upcoming web video series for Nico’s Digital Revolution Blog.  We had a pretty sweet 4-camrea set-up.  Pictures and video of behind the scenes included.

Today I am re-cutting an older project that Donnie, Nico and I worked on for the San Francisco Black Fire Fighters’ Fire Youth Academy.  It was a collaborative effort to promote the Fire Youth Academy and help the project raise money to support more students.  The academy gives youth in troubled homes a place on the weekends to hang out, eat, do homework, and also learn the basics of fire science.  The project’s director, Tyrone Pruitt, was incredibly helpful getting us ride along and access to all the activities that the kids get to partake in.  It was one of the most rewarding projects that I’ve worked on recently, because of the positive difference that Tyrone and his team are making in the community.  Check out the video.


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