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September 10, 2012 / AM Collins

Forest Jam.

This weekend was a fantastically fun film fandango. We frolicked in the forest with friends, falling into a fit of fantasy.  Haha, sorry about that… Family of Man, the collaberation of Wilfred Galila, Dominic Mercurio, and Aliyah Cline have filmed their first music video at Stinson Beach/Muir Woods.   Like every project produced by Jaena Sta Ana, it was quite a fun time (minus the burger shop we found that made everyone sick).  I was the DP for the music video, a task I’ve been challenged with more often lately, and my confidence in the position in growing.  I was also one of the shooters for Wilfred and Dom’s previous band, The ElectroSonic Chamber, a while back that had cool results.

Working with Wilfred, the director, is always an exciting and free-style experience.  The band was really looking for a natural feeling video capturing the textrures and patterns of the forest.  The footage was really cool, and they were their typical whimsical selves.  We tried some cool experiemental techniques using different filters that distorted the footage in camera.  It really gave the footage a warped, but organic feel.  I haven’t seen Wilfred and Dom since Only You and it was nice to work with old friends.  Shooting this video was a refreshing change of pace for me, I’ve been working on some darker material with a different crew and I needed something lighter hearted.  Not to mention I needed to take a break from the post-production of my own short film.

Getting out of my cramped apartment and into nature is always wonderful, especially when you’re as in tune with nature’s harmony as Family of Man.  Dominic will be editing the video within the next month, look forward to the video soon.  I’ll post it when it’s done.


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