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October 6, 2012 / AM Collins

Runner’s Wall.

My time at  the Art Institute of California – San Francisco is coming to an end.  My senior thesis, originally a four part series of shorts, has been stopped at two.  The films, Desire and Guilt, are looking good and I am happy to have had such a strong team at my back.  I am working on the IndieGoGo Campaign to finish the set’s last two shorts, but that will probably happen after my graduation in December.  Desire is currently finishing post-production and is being scored as I type.  

Guilt, on the other hand, has been shopped around for the past few months and is getting a bit of attention.  It was selected as the film of the month on IndieDemand for September of 2012.  The entire Turn Down Service project has really opened my eyes as a director, I have found a stronger writing vein within myself and really tried to challenge myself to getting great performances from my actors.  I have also pushed myself as an editor and taken on several RED format projects, to include Desire.  As a student, I am reaching that runner’s wall where you can’t seem to function anymore.  I am very excited about leaving my student title behind and being able to focus on a career path.

Desire will be having a test screening with the senior panel in December.  If you would like to see the film, feel free to message me for a time and date (currently unknown).  In the meantime, I’m working on creating a website and reel for my portfolio.  Look forward to seeing those soon.  Until then, check out the DVD cover for Desire.  I will be creating independent box art for each of the four shorts.  Next will be Guilt.


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