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November 26, 2012 / AM Collins

Hoods in the Woods.

Last weekend we went location scouting for Alex Dixon’s new film project: Maiden in the Woods.  It was quite a journey through the windy 101-freeway to Stinson Beach, near Muir Woods.  First time writer/director Alex Dixon has constructed a beautiful visual tale requiring a lot of pre-production and planning.  Alex has focused her filmmaking talents on production design, and finding a beautiful and exotic location was key to telling her story.  After shooting the music video with the ElectroSonic Chamber last month, we searched the same stretch of woods.  A small creek runs throughout the location, giving it an eerie sense of danger.  These exterior locations, filled with twisted trees, will compliment the wild German Expressionism-inspired interiors that Alex has planned for her film.   She has spent the past month building miniature sets with wood to help visualize her story and plan the blocking.  Her director of photography and cinematographer, Ben Dennis and Tory Harder spent the evening taking pictures and planning shots for the film.  Bill Manolios, the film’s gaffer, brought out his Hasselblad (…at least it looked like one) and took some promotional stills of the location as well.   I will be editing the film, as I love to do, which will most likely be the last student film I work on with the Art Institute due to my graduation in December.  I snapped a few pictures with my Canon 5D Mk.II, so check them out and look for the film soon!

Also, if you are around the bay area on December 12th, come check out the test screening of my latest short film: DESIRE.  It starts at 6pm and will be at the New People Cinema (previously the Viz) in Japantown.  The event is open to the public, free-admission, and will last appox. 2 hours.  Its a great time and will be screened with films from my fellow Art Institute peers: Michael Perez, Joe Sams, Luc Nguyen, and Robert Yelsky.  Hope to see you there!


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