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September 19, 2013 / AM Collins


I’ve recently started my classes at the American Film Institute in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. One of the greatest experiences at my new school is the fantastic collaboration with the super talented Production Design fellows. Although the smallest department in our graduating class, the team has been blazing through lumber to build a 1980’s Polish theatre in our parking lot. I’ve tried to provide an extra pair of hands to contribute to the multiple sets… But all I’ve really done is take pictures and eat. Typical directing student, I suppose.  The set, designed by three fellows, has been a huge task to complete in the rough 1.5 week turn-around.  Build completely from wood, a special texture is added to provide a cement-like front to the “aged” theatre.  As seen below, the progress made in 4 days was quite significant.

Behind the scenes:
Two days out from shooting:

First day of shooting:

It’s amazing what they’ve got done with the minimal amount of time/money provided to them. However, their long days have finally paid off because the sets are beautiful and look great on camera.

Tomorrow I’ll be shooting on 1/4 locations around campus, the jail cell. Our script is taken from the Decalogue, originally directed by renowned filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski. Although I cannot show our finished product, I’ll hopefully have some stills to post from set.


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