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October 14, 2012 / AM Collins

Director. Editor. Storyteller.

I officially have a website.

It’s taken me forever to get one up, so here it is.  I’ll still be mending things on it for the next couple months, but you can check it out now.  Enjoy.

October 10, 2012 / AM Collins

The Last Stand.

So, I’ve been developing a series of films titled Turn Down Service.  It’s a project that I wanted to complete before I graduated art school.  Sadly, I was unable to fund the second half of the shorts I had written.  But instead of scrapping the entire thing, I figured I should make one last effort to make this film series happen.  Many of you have seen Guilt, the project that I made earlier this year that has been screened in different festivals.  It was the start of this project and since then we have shot my newest short film Desire.  But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  I want to make two more films but I need some help to do it.  I’m trying to raise $8,000 on IndieGoGo to finish this project.  Depending on how much I am able to muster, I will make what I can.  If I am fortunate enough to get it all, I will complete the set with four films.

If you are a fellow filmmaker, friend, follower, or just someone looking to release some of your money into the world, come visit IndieGoGo and check out our plan.  There are even some perks in it for you!  Its a win/win for everyone!

*Thank you: Raquel, Donnie, and Anna for your contributions!  Viva Film!

October 6, 2012 / AM Collins

Runner’s Wall.

My time at  the Art Institute of California – San Francisco is coming to an end.  My senior thesis, originally a four part series of shorts, has been stopped at two.  The films, Desire and Guilt, are looking good and I am happy to have had such a strong team at my back.  I am working on the IndieGoGo Campaign to finish the set’s last two shorts, but that will probably happen after my graduation in December.  Desire is currently finishing post-production and is being scored as I type.  

Guilt, on the other hand, has been shopped around for the past few months and is getting a bit of attention.  It was selected as the film of the month on IndieDemand for September of 2012.  The entire Turn Down Service project has really opened my eyes as a director, I have found a stronger writing vein within myself and really tried to challenge myself to getting great performances from my actors.  I have also pushed myself as an editor and taken on several RED format projects, to include Desire.  As a student, I am reaching that runner’s wall where you can’t seem to function anymore.  I am very excited about leaving my student title behind and being able to focus on a career path.

Desire will be having a test screening with the senior panel in December.  If you would like to see the film, feel free to message me for a time and date (currently unknown).  In the meantime, I’m working on creating a website and reel for my portfolio.  Look forward to seeing those soon.  Until then, check out the DVD cover for Desire.  I will be creating independent box art for each of the four shorts.  Next will be Guilt.

September 24, 2012 / AM Collins

Bittersweet Relief.

Video Award Silver and Song Award Silver
Awarded by Beat100

Directed by: Wilfred Galila/Dominic Mercurio

Edited by: Dominic Mercurio
Produced by: Jaena Sta. Ana
Director of Photography: Alexander M. Collins

Starring the FAMILY OF MAN

September 10, 2012 / AM Collins

Forest Jam.

This weekend was a fantastically fun film fandango. We frolicked in the forest with friends, falling into a fit of fantasy.  Haha, sorry about that… Family of Man, the collaberation of Wilfred Galila, Dominic Mercurio, and Aliyah Cline have filmed their first music video at Stinson Beach/Muir Woods.   Like every project produced by Jaena Sta Ana, it was quite a fun time (minus the burger shop we found that made everyone sick).  I was the DP for the music video, a task I’ve been challenged with more often lately, and my confidence in the position in growing.  I was also one of the shooters for Wilfred and Dom’s previous band, The ElectroSonic Chamber, a while back that had cool results.

Working with Wilfred, the director, is always an exciting and free-style experience.  The band was really looking for a natural feeling video capturing the textrures and patterns of the forest.  The footage was really cool, and they were their typical whimsical selves.  We tried some cool experiemental techniques using different filters that distorted the footage in camera.  It really gave the footage a warped, but organic feel.  I haven’t seen Wilfred and Dom since Only You and it was nice to work with old friends.  Shooting this video was a refreshing change of pace for me, I’ve been working on some darker material with a different crew and I needed something lighter hearted.  Not to mention I needed to take a break from the post-production of my own short film.

Getting out of my cramped apartment and into nature is always wonderful, especially when you’re as in tune with nature’s harmony as Family of Man.  Dominic will be editing the video within the next month, look forward to the video soon.  I’ll post it when it’s done.

July 30, 2012 / AM Collins

and Film.

Wonderful photography by Anita Bowen.

For the past few months, I have been working with the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. I started as an intern working in programing with Joshua Moore and Jay Rosenblatt, but recently I was staffed as the video/photography coordinator for the many great events that have been occurring at the beautiful, historical Castro theatre. I have had such a great time working for the SFJFF and have been enjoying the great films that the festival has curated. Thursday was the closing night event at the Castro, A.K.A. Doc Pomus, a fantastic music documentary, followed by a live performance by Andy Cabic, Eric D. Johnson, Kelly Stoltz, and Sonny Smith. After the event there was a night-cap at Churchhill (right down the street on church/market). A large collective of the festival staff made their way over and enjoyed a few drinks and a sloppy game of pool.

Before the festival was a fantastically fun shabbat dinner where we were joined by festival guests, Elliott Gould (pictured above) and Judy Blume. Lexi Leban, the festival director running the show for her first year, broke bread with all the staff. There were several filmmakers in attendance and we all conversed until the late hours of the night over several bottles of wine.

The festival still isn’t over though, please go enjoy the rest of the festival’s events running through the first week of August. I’m especially looking forward to the event at Art Murmur with a special short film screening on Friday August 3rd. So, if you want to enjoy the show and meet the staff, come on by and look me up.

May 24, 2012 / AM Collins



We took home 1st Place at the California Independent Film Festival’s Iron Filmmaker Contest.  Our actress, Teralyn Shields, won the Best Performance award.  We were also nominated for Best Cinematography.  The company held a sister event, the Filmmaker Frenzy, which I ended up judging.  It has been a very fun experience.

Thank you Adam Reeves of ITB Designs for holding the festival!  Check out his new film: December Dilemma.