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May 12, 2011 / AM Collins

Love Hotel.

I am starting production on a short film titled: “The Travelers.”

It’s a short failed love story about a couple who meet in Japan.  I am currently looking for a Hotel to shoot at, and I think I settled on the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown here in San Francisco.  I am making the film for my cinematography class, but I have been trying to get it started for a little while now.  It will be part of a series of short films, from different directors, all taking place in hotel rooms.  I’m working with my producer, Carlos Rodriguez, to get a date for the shoot but the Hotel isn’t cheap.  And we may need it for multiple days to ensure we can get total coverage.  However, I signed up to start working with the US Marines on a reservist-type schedule.  And of course, I need to report in this weekend in the middle of all my production woes.  I also have only 5 weeks for pre-production, production, and post-production in order to meet the class deadline.  So, I’m a little busy this week trying to get in contact with everyone I need.  I still have to cast the male lead, and I was fortunate enough to get Teralyn, from Catch the Clock, on the project as the female lead.

Other than that, I am excited to be directing a project.  I have been enjoying making friends films so much that I almost forgot that I wanted to be making my own films, too.  It’s nice to know that so many people are excited to work on my idea.  I have a great time making films, and it is paying off with some of the beautiful work that I have helped create these past few months.  It’s time to see what I got up my sleeve.  I will leave you with a clip from Out of Sight, a fantastic film by Steven Soderbergh.  This scene is kind of what I am aiming for as far as look goes.  Lets hope I can pull it off.



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